Anna Rose Kelly
American, b. 1987




Mezzotint with drypoint


A graduate of the University of Oregon, Anna Rose Kelly today lives and works in Portland. Although versed in a variety of mediums, she remains partial to printmaking and, as can be discerned from this statement, is particularly drawn to mezzotint:

"This mezzotint is part of a series of prints inspired by photographs I’ve taken in Neskowin, Oregon, a small coastal town that despite recent development has managed to maintain its charm and beauty. Neskowin holds a good deal of significance for me. My family and I have spent many summers there over the past twenty-five years, and the photos are constantly working their way back into my creative process. I’ve explored these images in various mediums; however, mezzotint and drypoint have proved to be the most satisfying. There’s something about the velvety texture and darkened impression that captures the lonely innocence of Neskowin. Mezzotints have a structural quality about them. As you’re creating the image you are actively carving away at a roughened surface to bring in the light, and combining the medium with drypoint to add to the texture introduces a gratifying give and take to the process."


Private collection


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