Linen weave



Linen weave
Left: Linen weave pattern on the canvas under Diego Velasquez,
St. John the Baptist in the Wilderness, 1622
Canvas size: 175.3 × 152.5 cm (69 × 60 in.)
Art Institute of Chicago
Historians and conservation scientists have recently found several cases in which artists have painted on patterned linen. In the mid 17th century, Spanish painter Diego Velasquez used twill-weave linen cloth with a distinctive diamond pattern while he worked in Seville. The reason for Velasquez’s use of such patterning is still debated.

Zuccari, F. et al. “Saint John in the Wilderness: Observations on Technique, Style and Authorship,” Art Institute of Chicago Museum Studies, 31:2 (2005):
pp. 30-45 + 105-108.

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