A Brief History of Pliny



A Brief History of Pliny


Pliny's ideal locations that produce fine linen (flax)
PLINY'S IDEAL LOCATIONS THAT PRODUCE FINE LINEN (FLAX): ITALY Faventia, Cumae in Campania, around Retovium, and in the highland territory of the Paeligni. SPAIN: Saetabis, Tarragon, and Zoela. EGYPT. GREECE. GAUL. GERMANY.

Pliny the Elder (23/ 4 AD-79 CE) was a Roman author, philosopher, and commander. Pliny is well known for two major events in his life, writing the Historia Naturalis (Natural History) in 77 AD and his death in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Natural History is a text that gathers Pliny's knowledge of the natural world. The work is divided into thirty-seven books that covered a number of subjects ranging from astronomy to zoology. Flax is discussed in Book XIX.

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