Coal and Iron Ore Dock



Coal and Iron Ore Dock


Rachel McClelland Sutton
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1887-1982 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


oil on canvas


30 x 25 in.


Docks along Lake Erie were transfer points for newly mined coal and iron ore. Fully loaded railroad cars coming from the mines were lifted and rolled in order to dump their contents into lake-side chutes. Freighters docked by the chutes would fill with coal or ore for transport to other Great Lakes ports or out the seaway.

Sutton was born in the Shadyside area of Pittsburgh. Although the artist lived most of her life in her family home, Sunnyridge, she traveled widely and engaged in studio classes in Paris and New York before obtaining a fine arts degree from Carnegie Institute of Technology. A member of Associated Artists of Pittsburgh for sixty-one years, Sutton gave up painting at age 82 due to failing eyesight.




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