Mt. Troy: Overlooking Springarden Avenue, Milvale



Mt. Troy: Overlooking Springarden Avenue, Milvale


Anna Marie Hufnagel
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1898-1966 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


ca 1936


oil on canvas


32 x 36 in.


Hufnagel’s painting of a bus stop on Mount Troy Avenue highlights the sharp ridges and narrow valleys of the Unglaciated Allegheny Plateau on which the Pittsburgh area has been built. The view from Mount Troy Road looks over the Allegheny River towards downtown Pittsburgh. In her painting, Hufnagel captured a distinguishing feature of the Pittsburgh skyline—the Art Deco, 44-story, Gulf Tower skyscraper built in 1932 as headquarters for the Gulf Oil Corporation, a leading multinational oil company at the time. The building is topped with a distinctive stepped pyramid that was modeled after the ancient Greek design for the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.

Despite a lifetime of poor health, Hufnagel became an accomplished printmaker and painter in Allegheny County. She had several one-man shows, won awards for her watercolor work, and continuously exhibited with the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh for more than twenty years.




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